When you take care of yourself, you feel good. When you feel good, your energy is bigger, your vibe is higher, and you’ve got pep in your step! When you find your happiest and fullest self-expression, you are that much closer to living Your Best Life. Empowered Living is a lifestyle, it is valuable information, and it is supporting methodologies that move you towards Self Love, Self Care, and living Your Best Life.

  • You have access to individualized strategies that are tailored to YOU and YOUR needs.
  • You have access to an Expert in Self Care and Stress Reduction Strategies.
  • You have access to a professional who will hear you and connect you with experts in different fields, based on your needs.

“Bianca is here to cut the overwhelm out of personal transformation. Working together, you will be reprioritized back onto The List in a way that works for you, bringing you to a place of empowerment, satisfaction, clarity and self love.”


What Is Empowered Living with Bianca?

When you choose to join Empowered Living with Bianca, you will find a way to cut the overwhelm out of the decision making process that leads to personal transformation. Do you know something (or so many things) need to change and you just don’t know where to start? Do the sheer magnitude of options and areas overwhelm you? When working with Bianca, whether through the guidebook or the personalized, private package, you will get a roadmap designed with your needs and wants at the forefront. 


Empowered Living with Bianca will help you

  • prioritize your own value
  • sort through your areas of need to determine what you need MOST at this time
  • sift through all the options for the solutions that will work for your schedule, budget and needs

From smaller needs such as bra fitting to personalized skin care and makeup techniques that make you feel like the best YOU; picking out a few trendy new outfits to completely overhauling your entire closet; connecting you with the right personal trainer/yoga studio in your area to the right therapist or life coach to suit your needs- Empowered Living with Bianca is here to help you along your transformation path in all aspects so you can live your best life and achieve your highest level of Self Love! 


Bianca’s clients seek her services for a wide range of needs

  • One time shopping assistance for a special outfit
  • Complete closet overhaul, sometimes after significant weight/size changes
  • Assistance with bra fittings and determining what bras work best for different body types
  • Creating a skin care and/or makeup routine that works
  • Finding a life coach
  • Creating a stress management “menu” of strategies and routines, some of which were incorporated into daily practice and others for as needed
  • Teaching effective strategies to balance work and life and personalizing them for a variety of needs
  • Creating wellness routines to get out of a rut and into a state of clarity and health

In what ways can Empowered Living with Bianca help YOU?

About Bianca!

Bianca is a Social Worker and recognized expert in Children and Family Behavior and Structure. 

Previously licensed in the State of Georgia, for 15 years Bianca worked directly in field settings including schools, homes, and the community at large. Bianca worked with children, parents, and families to manage their stress levels, identify family structure core issues, provide viable client strategies, and assist them with implementation. She has been consistently successful in analyzing and assessing a family’s needs, and then creating and carrying out treatment plans.

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