“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” – – Stephen Covey

Work/Life balance is like a seesaw. It’s nearly impossible to stay perfectly balanced in the middle…and the joy is in the experience of going up and down. While we may be striving for perfect balance, what we should really be looking for is the joy!


Work/life balance isn’t about making sure that we are perfect in all arenas, nor is it about spending equal amounts of time in all areas. It should really be about identifying our values and priorities, and scheduling everything accordingly.

  • A time blocking planner allows you to see how you spend your time at-a-glance. Do you feel like the days just whirl past you and you aren’t getting anything done? A time blocking sheet may be what you need to organize yourself and maximize your time. You may even color code your time blocks to get a good visual of where your time is going. Does your sheet reflect your priorities and values? If it doesn’t, what tweaks can be made to bring you more joy?
  • Delete your To Do List. Yes, I said it. Stop looking at that never ending list and stressing out about how on earth to get it all done. Instead, choose 3-5 tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. Consider keeping a Master Task List in a drawer that you refer to when you need to choose your tasks. You’ll feel much more accomplished and lower your stress levels. You may even find yourself completing a few extra tasks as you get more efficient with your time!
  • Designating No Phone Zones will allow you to create boundaries between work and life. This is key to “finding the joy” and feeling more balanced. The No Phone Zones or No Phone times of day you designate will also decrease your stress levels and allow you to be intentionally present in your life when you most want to be.


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“Energy of the mind and body make an impression on others faster than the words that come out of your mouth.

When you have physical and mental energy, you can effect positive change both in your environment

and in the people around you.” – – Bianca Kooi

Do you suffer from Brain Fog? Or live in a constant state of exhaustion? Brain Fog isn’t technically a medical condition, however it really is a common issue facing people every day. Brain Fog is described as “lacking mental clarity and focus, inability to concentrate, and issues with memory.” If your brain is too tired for you to feel your best, or even feel like you’re functioning, then you may be dealing with Brain Fog.

Some of the main causes of Brain Fog are stress, lack of sleep, hormone swings, and diet. It can also be a side effect from some medications. Brain Fog is also associated with some autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia. If your Brain Fog or inability to think clearly and quickly is due to one or more of the main causes, then it actually can be quite easy to find relief! 

The fact is that “Mom Brain,” “Pregnancy Brain” and “menopausal women” all have a hard time with memory recall. It should come as no surprise that changes in our hormones can also lead to Brain Fog. Estrogen and progesterone are linked to brain function and our reproductive systems. When those hormones increase or decrease dramatically due to pregnancy or menopause, we can experience really severe Brain Fog.

I personally experienced Severe Brain Fog when returning to work after maternity leave. I was able to “snap out of it” by introducing a supplement regimen to my diet. Ningxia Red, Multigreens, and Super B vitamins made a huge impact on my ability to think clearly all day long. I also introduced daily use of essential oils such as Clarity, Endoflex, and Peppermint. Other popular favorites are Mindwise, EnRGee, Nutmeg, and Brain Power essential oils.

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