Social Worker, Entrepreneur; Founder of Empowered Living

Bianca is a Social Worker and recognized expert in Children and Family Behavior and Structure. 

Previously licensed in the State of Georgia, for 15 years Bianca worked directly in field settings including schools, homes, and the community at large. Bianca worked with children, parents, and families to manage their stress levels, identify family structure core issues, provide viable client strategies, and assist them with implementation. She has been consistently successful in analyzing and assessing a family’s needs, and then creating and carrying out treatment plans.

As the Founder of Empowered Living, Bianca utilizes her clinical expertise and analytical skills to help people transition from a place of overwhelming frustration and exhaustion to a place of satisfaction, empowerment, self-love, and happiness. Bianca’s ability to fuse natural, holistic options alongside modern assessment techniques and strategies is unique, powerful, and correct.

Bianca leverages her clinical and therapeutic skills in her entrepreneurial venture: Young Living Essential Oils. A knowledgeable advocate, she witnesses the rapid impact that Essential Oil products have on clients’ mental health. To date, Bianca has assisted over 600 people learn how to use Young Living products to improve their lives in a variety of different ways.

Keeping her finger on the pulse of the wellness industry, Bianca is sought after by experienced practitioners as well as those that are new to the field.

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