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The Empowerment Guidebook– work through a series of units at your own pace and tap into monthly zoom calls if you feel you need extra support and guidance! The Guidebook is designed to be a four month experience, but feel free to work through it faster or slower if you need to. Units include both learning and knowledge expansion as well as targeted action items that will bring you to the next level of personal empowerment! 

Purchase The Empowerment Guidebook for $250 and gain access to the tools and strategies you need to achieve higher levels of personal empowerment!

Immersive Empowerment Experience- Work with Bianca individually to assess your needs and develop a plan tailored to YOU! This package starts with a Discovery call and Needs Assessment that we will use to determine what kind of services you need MOST right now and create a roadmap for your personal transformation. Bianca will develop and fine tune strategies and regimens with and for you, adjusting as needed, to get you where you want to be. Bianca also searches your area for reputable experts, should you need someone local to you for personal training, therapy, etc. In other situations, Bianca will provide you with a small selection of options tailored to you that you get to choose from (more specifically related to clothing, undergarments, makeup, etc). Bianca also can teach and train you personally on how to best highlight your features, apply makeup, shop for clothing in the future, identify your stress triggers, and whatever else your Needs Assessment uncovers! Bianca works both in person with local clients (North and South Carolina, within 2 hours of Charlotte) as well as virtually with clients all around the country. The Package includes a needs assessment and analysis, calls, texts and shopping time if needed. We will have as much contact as you need! This package can be purchased by the hour ($150 an hour) or in 10 hour bundles for 10% off.

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